The Rebranding

Fuller Branding rebrands PICS Auditing to Avetta
Avetta Phase one of rebrand

PHASE 1: Research

Goal: Interview and survey employees and

customers to understand brand perception

Module 2: Name Exploration

Need: Create a name that is direct and centric to the services offered. The word “vet” is strategically placed in the center of the name to connect Avetta with the compliance of supply chains

PHASE 3: Brand Positioning

Goal:   Position Avetta as the builder of sustainable connections between clients & their supply chains

We believe true progress benefits both humanity and your bottom line

We foster sustainable growth for clients contractors and suppliers alike

We build trustworthy, quality connections through progressive technology and expert insight

Module 4: Identity Creation

Need:   Create an identity that visually represents what Avetta does for its customers: providing sustainable growth with a compliant supply chain

The ribbon logo is the dynamic cornerstone of the Avetta brand. Strong, modern, colorful, and symbolic, this symbol represents the brand promise of Avetta: safety, growth and sustainability.

PHASE 6: Execution & Launch

Goal:   To execute and debut the brand throughout all touch points, external and internal

Supply Chain Risk Management

New Avetta Website

The website was designed to help educate both hiring clients and suppliers on why a SasS-based Supply Chain Risk Management Platform is necessary. The focus was shifted away from a simple login portal to a content source for the growing need for supply chain risk management.

Branded Business Cards

To help build the new brand consistency, I designed new business cards as part of a complete office suite.

Industry Case Study

Case Study content creation on the successes of Avetta on Cemex