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Brand Marketing Creative Director with 2 decades of experience in leading strategic rebrands, nationally and internationally. I have a proven record of delivering brand engagement results and driving sales. My experience stems from work with small business all the way to blue chip companies. I’ve lead teams, prepped for IPOs and revolutionized brands. Whether you’re looking to refresh or reboot your brand, I can lead your teams through digital marketing, advertising, CRM and content development––delivering fuller branding.

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Creating a brand

Together with Fullerhouseproductions, we took a little known estate planning law firm and brought it out of the mundane and into a modern, forward thinking firm.

What started out as a conversation on producing an explainer video, turned into creating an elevated brand, marketing campaign, and sales funnel. The new marketing approach encompassed not only the consumer experience but also the internal sales processes and structure at the firm. From the brand identity and style guide, to collateral, to Social Media, to PPC and display, to the website and the sales process; all touchpoints we’re overhauled to help make estate planning accessible to all.

The website was the most critical shift, as we took it from an overwhelming, and intimidating site, to a user-friendly, educational resource. Research showed us that 60% of consumers barely understood what estate planning was, or how to create a plan of their own. Creating a site that was educational and transparent allowed 80% of consumers to make the decision to call or reach out for more information. Empowering  prospective clients with knowledge, while simplifying the process, created consumer trust, confidence, and brand appeal. Positive results not only for the firm, but also for the consumer, who finally felt prepared for the future.


Lowered bounce rate


Increased New visitors


Increased page views

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Building a brand

I took a small, unknown tech company and transformed it into globally recognized brand. The process took over 18 months from start to finish. With a new name, market position, and product offering it recently sold for over $500MM!

  • Launched the new "Avetta" across all domestic and international regions and ecosystems. Introduced the brand as the fastest growing company in the supply chain risk management industry, increasing new client wins by 10%
  • Drove extensive strategic planning and qualitative/quantitative research, building the new corporate identity, tagline, brand standards, manifesto, website and B2B facing portals
  • Developed an entirely new website within 8 months, focused on demand gen and education, targeting executive level decision makers, procurement and health & safety leaders
  • Increased direct website traffic by 62%, organic traffic by 26%, and referral traffic by 9% through SEO/PPC
  • Developed and collected keywords and metadata to help index Avetta.com to page 1 on Google searches; generating 1mm impressions, 4.5k interactions
  • Enhanced supplier adoption process and benefits to increase purchase of service by 8% (YOY) and increasing new client wins by 10% (YOY)
  • Generated 2k new leads resulting in 204 (MQLs) appointments set in first 2 months
  • Managed marketing team

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Latest Work

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What I do!

I create and define brands that better connect with customers.

Brand Strategy

Laying the ‘foundation’ correctly leads to the creation of a successful brand.

Brand positioning

Are your sales lagging? Understanding how to better position your brand will grow your bottom line.

Brand Identity

From logos, to social media graphics, to fonts, to colors on your website; consistency builds a stronger brand.

Web Design

UX that attracts and retains customers, designed with an      easy-to-use platform.

graphic design

Using typography, layout and esthitc all have input on great execution


branded Content

Create content that is engaging and brings attention to your brand; whether blatant or subtle.

Social Media

Engaging customers with social media helps to build brand awareness and create fans. 


It’s all about visibility of your site. Without it, you will have a very difficult time selling a product or service.


Working together with Fullerhouseproductions, allows for the creation of orignial video content. The Wiles Law client work is a great example of this partnership.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems.


Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects


MY Skills

  • Branding – 100%
  • Video Content – 100%
  • brand strategy- 80%
  • Marketing Automation – 70%
  • adobe creative suite- 100%
  • content creation 85%
  • web design- 90%